The Maritimes. Quiet, peaceful, and most importantly, home. To many, the Maritimes may seem like a funny place to want to visit, given that all of New Brunswick has less people than the city of Ottawa, but for those of us from any of the Maritime provinces, there is no place on earth like it. Never ending forests, thousands of kilometres of coastline, and an abundance of seafood. If you're a true Maritimer, you'll also appreciate the garlic fingers and donairs!

Ah donairs, a Maritime invention not often found outside the four Atlantic provinces. You may know them as Halifax style donairs, or shawarma with Halifax sweet sauce. While Halifax gets all the credit, thanks to them perfecting the meat, I believe Greco in Moncton first invented the unique sauce. As a kid, I never liked it, but now that I don't have access to it anymore, I LOVE it! When we visited in December I even brought some of it back to Ottawa! 

Garlic Fingers

While garlic fingers are also from the Maritimes, they seem to be easier to find elsewhere in Canada, or at least something similar to them. They aren't quite as unique as donairs are. They are essentially a garlic cheese bread made with a pizza crust instead of a more traditional bread. 

When it comes to seafood, nothing beats being on the coast. From Fundy lobster, to fresh fried clams in Shediac, everywhere you go you can find some of the best seafood in the world. Fundy lobster are famous all around the world! Just last summer as 23 lbs monster was caught in the waters between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The deep, cold water lets them grow to sizes not often found in other parts of the world. All the local shops make it easy to get as well! From Moncton, Fundy is about a 45 minutes drive. To save people the hassle, several lobster shops bring fresh lobster right to the heart of the city. We purchased this guy about a 5 minute drive from where we were staying:


While the foods of the Maritimes may be enough to get some of you to travel there, not everyone loves seafood. For those looking for other reasons to visit, New Brunswick and the other Maritime provinces are truly beautiful places. This trip, we spent most of our touristy time in Shediac, home of the world's largest lobster. 

Giant Lobster

Shediac is pretty much exactly what you would expect an Atlantic coastal town to look like. Colourful buildings, miles of beaches, and boats everywhere you look. Growing up in New Brunswick about 20 minutes from Shediac, I always took this place for granted. For anyone visiting New Brunswick, this could easily be the highlight of the trip, especially if you enjoy spending time by the water. Almost anywhere you go you can find seafood, ice cream, tourist shops, poutine, and many other stereotypical tourist attractions.

Shediac Buildings

As you drive up the coast, you'll find coastal town after coastal town. Some places look just like they did 50 years ago. In a town called Shediac Bridge, you can even find this old school bridge (the town wasn't very creative with their name...)

Shediac Bridge

So next time your looking for a place to visit, consider visiting New Brunswick. While it may be a place that is often overlooked, there are truly some wonderful things to take advantage of around the province. 

June 06, 2016 by Justin Pauley
Tags: Adventure

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