Who we are: Emily + Justin Pauley met at Mount Allison University, in the beautiful town of Sackville, New Brunswick. Emily is originally American, while Justin comes from New Brunswick. We got married in Maine in the summer of 2015, and moved to Ottawa to start our lives together.

What We're Doing: Currently, we both work for Shopify in Ottawa. We'd talked about creating our own website for a long time - Emily used to have a blog where she shared stories and recipes, and Justin has built several websites for friends and family. 

Why we're doing it: Working for Shopify gave us the incentive to actually make this idea a reality. We started by participating in an internal "Start a Business" contest during the spring of 2016. The challenge was to create a brand, make an online store, and sell a unique product. After lots of brainstorming, internet searching, and bouncing ideas off each other, True Northern Life was born! 

Why it's awesome: True Northern Life is a celebration of all things Canadian. We're not experts, but we're enthusiastic, so please join us on this journey! We sell awesome Canadian made goods, and are the place to tell stories, share ideas, and be inspired to make every day an adventure.